Today, no one knows for sure when dice games appeared. Some fans of the modern casino dice games insist on the fact that Craps, the most-often met variant of this entertainment has roots that go to the times of ancient Egypt. Other people say that games with dice were brought from the New World, America. However, whatever is correct, the game remains the excitement chosen by millions today.

Casino dice games popular in Australia

The list of casino dice Australia games is long, but the most popular of them are known worldwide.

  • Hazard. Initially, the game became a hit in London clubs in the 17th and 18th centuries and now, it is popular among Aussies. This is the “father” of Craps, where a pair of dice is used.
  • Craps. They say this modern casino dice games were invented by black Americans, who started playing first Hazard in New Orleans County but adjusted the rules. Over time, Craps became the most popular casino game for Americans and spread to other continents including Australia.
  • Chuck-a-luck. This old game is practically not found in modern casinos. However, it is loved by participants of various festivals. A wire cage and 3 cubes are used.
  • Crown and Anchor. This is a game that is popular with the British, Aussies, and Canadians. Not dots (eyes) on the cubes, but images of suits, anchors, and crowns are used. Bets are also placed not on numbers, but on images.
  • Poker dice. Card signs are drawn on the dice instead of dots: Ace, King, Queen, etc. The number of gamers is not limited. The winner will be the one who manages to collect the strongest poker combination on the dice.
  • Yacht. This is a Poker dice game that consists of 12 rounds. The participant throws 5 cubes and leaves those that suit him on the table. The rest is thrown again. The combinations differ in terms of value. There are Four of a Kind (4 dice of equal value), a Three of a Kind, a Pair, etc.

They say, there is up to 100 (and even more) games with dice.

Casino dice games rules

If a player is going to learn how to play casino dice games, he should start with free Craps. This is the most often-met dice game played in gambling clubs in Australia. The rules of Craps are published on the site where this game is available. The future Craps gambler should also know the terms used in the game.

The basic rule of dice is that each player, in turn, throws a number of dice, after which the result of the throw (the sum of the points dropped; in some variants, the points of each dice are used separately) is used to determine the winner or loser. Any number of shots can be made until the end of the game. There are many varieties of dice games, both simple and complex, therefore the rules vary.

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