Craps originated in America (presumably at the end of the 18th century in New Orleans), where it was incredibly popular.

Soon enough it crossed the ocean and gained popularity in Europe and then the whole world. It is still very popular till this day.


If you want to learn how to play craps and win, then you should first study the rules. Beginners can learn the rules in minutes, because they are that easy comparing to some other gambling games. However, let’s still take a look at them.

A lot of experienced gamblers are delighted with craps, because the opportunity to win in this case is literally in the hands of the player. Every single round you have to roll the dice, and the result is a combination that falls out. You also have to pay attention to the number of winning combinations, each of which has its own odds, but the correspondence of the winning combination to the bets made by the participant is of primary importance.

There are two betting lines available for players:

  1. Pass;
  2. Don’t pass.

In addition, participants can place bets on specific combinations, which makes it even more fun. Bets are made using chips. The rules of craps mean that a part of the bets can be realized only through the dealer, and the other in an independent mode.

Participants roll the dice in turn. The player who makes the next shot is called a shooter. You throw the dice at a special oval-shaped tables. The maximum number of participants is 5 people. The probability of winning is very high even for novice players due to simple rules and a high dependence on random choice.

How to Play Casino Craps And Win: Best Strategy

The principle of the strategy can be considered at the rate of Win. That being said, if a gamer makes a salary on the number 8, then it should fall before 7. With a win, the payout is 7 to 6. If a participant puts $ 6 on 8 points, then at the first achievement he has the probability of receiving a reward that will remain for the next turn.

  • Properly calculate your budget before the game starts. This will protect you from unnecessary financial losses, and will not allow you to succumb to gambling impulse;
  • It is necessary to choose a specific strategy when playing craps and stick with it till the rest of the game. For example, if you started out playing aggressively, then you should keep it up. It is strongly not recommended to mix strategies that are different in their focus, since this leads to unforeseen financial expenses;
  • It is necessary to calculate at least the estimated duration of their participation in the game and analyze their capabilities. If you plan to play for a long time, then you must calculate each bet in detail;
  • Craps is a game in which it makes sense to raise the rate, based on the situation, and not lower it. Bets are a key part of the game.

By a winning the second move, the gamer has the right to ask the dealer to increase the salary twice. Thus, the salary is increased to 12 points, and the proceeds from this one-point roll are given to the player. That means that in the case of successive benefits, the user will receive two dollars.

If the participant wins for the third time, then the size of his received jackpot will equal 22. The user now leaves only six monetary units and starts the entertainment anew.

Calculations on the principle of “collect, raise, and lower” are the most profitable for the player. In this case, the advantage of the casino isn’t as big, so there is a significant chance of success.

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