Guide on how to play craps online for free

Craps are not that popular as other table games in the online casino. But still, a lot of people are interested in how to play craps online for free. In craps, there are 2 dices which are rolled over and summed up. The win depends on the total number of rolled dices.

One chooses to play craps for fun free and another to gain some experience. Nowadays there are a lot of providers which offer to play craps online without making any bet.

Play craps online for free: basic rules

Before starting a game it would be very wise to read about rules. The beginner can be confused with a variety of bets he can make, but actually, the game itself is very simple. The main idea is to roll a dice: each player can choose to roll or stand. The first roll is called “came out”.

If a player gets 7 or 11, he wins and gets a second roll. Numbers 2,3 and 12 are called craps: the player loses but still gets a second chance to roll dices. Other possible numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10, and if the player rolls them, he gets a point. But if instead of this point number, the gambler gets 7, then he loses and it is another player turn to roll a dice. These are the basis of playing craps.

Another important aspect of playing craps online for free are bets and their odds.

There is a special bet which is called “pass line”, player betting that the rolled numbers win. As well as it is possible to make an opposite bet “don’t pass”. When betting for a win or lose, the bet is multiplied by 2. Very similar to the pass line is “come” bet. But the player is allowed to put money on it only if the point number is established.

Play craps online for free: tips for the big win!

Putting a bet just on a pass or don’t pass line will not bring any win to a player. Starting with minimum bet requires time and luck to win by putting money on those 2 sections. But if talking about what to bet – pass or not pass, the odds of winning will be higher for pass bets(only 4 combinations result in money lost). The best way to learn the game is to play online craps for free, so the player can try out different bets and methods.

Here are some tips for smart gambling:

  • Play craps online for free for the first time: try out luck and practice.
  • Choose the pass line and come bets: more chances to win!
  • Instead of betting on numbers 6 and 8, bet that these combinations will not come out.
  • Choose a suitable technique and try to follow it precisely.

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