The Sic Bo table looks very complicated as it has many sections but the game itself is very simple. It consists of only throwing three dice and making bets on the outcome. The game itself does not require any complex calculations or any other actions from the player, only placing bets.

Sic Bo has a lot of bets and different strategy than a roulette. At the same time, all bets must be placed in separate “pockets”, there are no composite bets on intersections, as in roulette. The game table is quite complex and requires a thorough study before you start playing. Please take a few minutes to read this guide.

How to play Sic Bo

At the start of the game you need:

  • First, select the type and size of the bet you want to place by clicking on increase [+] or decrease [-] buttons.
  • Select dice sums or combinations in order to place your bet on the best.
  • Set the game in action and the dice in motion by pressing the roll button.
  • If the game is won, it will be shown on the screen. Any winnings will be added to your credit balance and you can choose to play again.
  • If the game does not lead to a victory, the game is over for now. You can choose to play again at your convenience.

How to bet

The instruction would not be complete without instructions on how to place a bet in Sic Bo casino. You will find below details of how bets can be placed:

  • In order to increase the desired size of the bet, click on the increase button [+].
  • In order to reduce the desired size of the bet, click on the decrease button [-].
  • To place a bet, click on your choice of combinations or dice totals.
  • If you want to clear bets from the table, click on the “Clear” button and the bets will be cleared. To replace bets that have been cleared, click on the “cancel” button.

As you can see, the game is indeed really simple to understand.

The amount of winnings in Sic Bo is calculated like this:

  1. The small bet consists of a total of four to ten dice;
  2. The big bet consists of combination from eleven to seventeen;
  3. The odds offered on both of these bets are 1: 1;
  4. Odd – the total amount will be produced in an odd number;
  5. Even – the total amount will be produced an even number;
  6. Specific threes – indicates a number that will appear three times;
  7. Specific Doubles – defines a number that will appear twice in a roll of the dice;
  8. Any Triple – a bet on a triple, arising from a roll of the dice, does not matter what the numbers you roll;
  9. Three dice – refers to the total of three dice
  10. Two Dice is a placed bet on a combination of two separate numbers appearing on the face of the dice;
  11. Single dice – this is a bet placed on a specific number that appears on one, two or three dice.

Next let’s take a look at some Sic Bo tips and tricks.

Sic bo winning secrets

Similar to the dice game, here the player can only choose the optimal bet with the maximum payouts. Unfortunately for the fans of the game, the payout percentage here is much worse for many bets, so bets on double, 9 or 12 give the casino an advantage of over 18%! The optimal bet is on Big or Small, it is actually equivalent to roulette with a casino advantage of 2.78%. All other rates are strongly discouraged, for them the expected value is -8% or worse.

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